Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Long Flights

Well I'm in the airport waiting to board the first of three flights to get myself to Kigali. The first leg of the journey is going to take me to Amsterdam, where I hope to get out for an hour to poke around, then off to Nairobi for a few more hours before finally hopping into Kigali at some ungodly hour. Total travel time is going to be the better part of two days, which is kind of amazing when you consider jets don't exactly go slowly. I suppose my carbon footprint is going to be back in the red despite riding my bike and bus to work for the past few years.

I am prepared for the long flight with an iPhone loaded with some horrible rentals and a Kindle loaded with enough sci-fi to keep me busy for a week. Part of me really enjoys long flights, there is nothing you can do except sit there, nothing you should be doing instead, no chore you should be focusing on. In a way it is relaxing because of its confinement, in that you are doing the best you can just by enduring. I think I would make a good inmate.

Time to board in a few minutes, hurray for being able to tether iPhones to steal interwebz in the airport.

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