Sunday, August 16, 2009

Want to see Lions? Come to Kenya..

Just a quick note so people don't think I got eaten by a chimp in Rwanda. After a quick visit to Lake Kivu (beautiful!), Nell and I tried to catch a flight to Nairobi yesterday. Sadly Kenya Airways was on strike, so after much waiting and complaining, we got put up in a hotel and hopefully will be flying out in a few hours.

The plan is to find a three day safari in Kenya to see our share of lions (and tigers?). Then, time permitting go check out the coast at Mombasa before we split ways, Nell off to tramp around Africa for another month, me to fly home with a pit stop in Dubai to get some skiing in.

We'll see what the interwebz situation is like in Kenya, but don't expect many updates in the next week.

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